FS - White Sony F305 Phone

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FS - White Sony F305 Phone

Post by Grimr on Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:18 pm

Hey All wanting to sell a Sony F305...probably know it as the Game Phone, they retail at $199 in Kmart Optus store etc. Phone is LOCKED to Optus or Boost, Virgin might work too as they use the Optus network.

The one I have for sale was bought in early Feb for my Mum, She found it too complex to use.

I DO NOT have the receipt.

Comes with all the accessories, headset, extra back panel, wrist strap, 512 memory card with more games.

The gaming aspect works great on it (176/220 resolution games), camera is okay. Motin gaming is okay, only really played bowling and fishing, make sure yo have some room though bowling really needs a wide swing.

Review form CNET: http://www.cnet.com.au/mobilephones/phones/0,239025953,339294315,00.htm

So yeah looking at about $160 SHIPPED (with registration cos its so expensive).

Will negotiate on price (considering I don;t have receipt and cannot provide a warranty) or consider trades (what i am not sure usually consider Transformers, old gaming devices, rarer marvel legends.

Will test it before sending (as not reinserted SIM card since got it back from my mum). Will record video of functioning . Only thing I am aware of is a light scuff on the screen that is not visible when screen is on.


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