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Post by The Iceman on Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:15 am

Just a heads up on a Toyworld catalogue I received in the letterbox last night.
It has listed DC Universe Infinite Heroes 3 packs for $7.99 at Toyworld Parafield (S.A.)
The picture it uses is a 3 pack of Supergirl-Bizzaro-Wondergirl. I have rang them and every other Toyworld in South Australia but they all have only the two 3 packs that were around a couple of months ago..... Mirror Master-Flash-Weather Wizard and Commissioner Gordon with 2 SWAT members. Perhaps some of the other Toyworlds in your state may have different ones.
The annual TOY FAIR for retail sellers is due in a couple of weeks perhaps then there may be some confirmation on DC Universe Classics appearing here. I did personally see series 6 of DCUC and DCIH on a Mattel listing sheet at my local Toyworld but price and availability are not known yet. Being as each Toyworld is a seperate franchise it is up to the owners of each to decide whether they will stock them or not and price matched to demand would have a huge influence on that. No point in ordering a whole case from them if it is still cheaper to order from overseas. Will keep you posted any local happenings.
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Post by Xenaphobia on Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:49 am

I've only ever seen the Flash and Gordon three packs in my local Toyworlds (Brisbane, Queensland). It sounds like the catalogue picture may have been a mistake.

Will be interested in hearing what is happening with DCUC supply at a local level. Then again, given recent hikes in toy prices, I fear how much they'll attempt to charge for them (given something like the Batman B&B is retailing for $20.00 at K-Mart).



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