"USA edition" Ultra class Classics

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"USA edition" Ultra class Classics

Post by Grimr on Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:34 pm

Hi all, this is definitely not the best deal you;ll see on here.

I ordered some Japanese repaint Classics Ultra class transformers from Japan....that was before the exchange rate fell through the floor....however they were charged to my card...after at the current abysmal exchange rates.

what I have is

X1 Loose Silverbolt (with mint box)
X1 Loose Onslaught (with mint box)
X1 Powerglide Red (on ebay)

Looking for $80 each plus shipping, yeah thats the not great deal part...but its less than I was screwed over by the world economic market falling out the bottom and automatic upgrade to EMS shipping.

Would also consider trade USA Edition (japanese versions) Onslaught OR Silverbolt for regular store released Silverbolt AND Onslaught.

Just throwing it out there...Thanks.

If you are a boarder i don;t know I'd prefer some evidence of shipping before I send my stuff.


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