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MAN's Wants List

Post by MAN on Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:03 pm

Hi gang,

Looking for the following figures (preferably loose/complete):

*marvel legends BLOB BAF
*marvel legends series 1 IRON MAN
*marvel legends series 1 TOAD
*marvel legends series 15 RED WASP
*marvel legends face off JIGSAW VARIANT
*marvel legends face off IRON MAN VARIANT (war machine outfit)
*marvel legends HERCULES
*marvel legends QUICKSILVER (blue)

*fantastic 4 classics KANG
*fantastic 4 classics SUPER SKRULL
*fantastic 4 classics DRAGON MAN
*fantastic 4 classics INVISIBLE WOMAN

*NECA tmnt RAPHAEL with base and accessories
*NECA tmnt DONATELLO with base and accesories

*Marvel/DC Minimates (after the popular/well known characters...wolverine, spider-man, batman, superman...)

*dc superheroes CLAYFACE
*dc superheroes TWO FACE

If you're looking to sell any of the figures mentioned above, please give me a heads up Very Happy I've only got cash to offer. I don't think I've got anything you guys are after, my collection is quite small. Thanks guys and gals.

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