Wonder Woman and the Case of the Missing Merchandise

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Wonder Woman and the Case of the Missing Merchandise

Post by DroothR on Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:26 pm

Wonder Woman and the Case of the Missing Merchandise:

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Re: Wonder Woman and the Case of the Missing Merchandise

Post by Xenaphobia on Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:12 am

I very much agree!

However, I have seen Mattel's "Wonder Woman" Multiverse series at Zing AND Mr Toys / Toyworld and both places stocked them for the "low" (at least compared to other Multiverse lines and Marvel Legends) price of $25.

They're also available on the TRU website and I presume are available in TRU stores. BUT, TRU Australia has advised me that they're NOT getting the TRU US exclusives ("regular" Wonder Woman and Menalippe). And a report on these forums indicate that Myer is also stocking the Multiverse wave.

I haven't found the Mattel 12" Multiverse Wonder Woman anywhere. I've annoyed Mattel about it by Twitter and email and they finally responded by saying it would be available at Big W, but I think they're getting confused with the JLA Wonder Woman or the DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman.

Headstart International, the Australian distributors of Jakks Pacific, have advised that the "Wonder Woman" movie version of Wonder Woman (with new head sculpt) should be available in July / August. It will then be re-released as part of the Justice League wave in November / December.

The Lego "Wonder Woman" set is an "exclusive" to TRU (and obviously Lego's online store).

In terms of the dolls, I've only seen them at Mr Toys / Toyworld, but I haven't really been looking for them.

My "holy grail" has been the 12" Multiverse Wonder Woman figure - I should have just grabbed it from Amazon when it was stocked by Mattel as it's now jumped up in price from the other sellers.

I've also personally been disappointed in the complete lack of Wonder Woman t-shirts. There seems to be a few available at Big W and KMart, but nothing for men. I get it, maybe there would be small demand, but a plain black shirt with the "WW" logo on it surely isn't too much to ask for. I'm surprised that somewhere like Jay Jays doesn't have anything available.


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