Rare Toybiz Lord of the Rings action figures

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Rare Toybiz Lord of the Rings action figures

Post by Steve on Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:16 am

Hi everyone, I am moving on from collecting action figures so am starting to prepare to sell off some of my stuff. Just wanted to give people on this forum first crack at some rare LOTR figures. I'm selling:

Helms Deep Gimli, single moon box (only 500 made)
Boromir, single moon box(only released in Australia)
Twilight Frodo, single moon box
Merry and Pippin, single moon box
Peter Jackson as a hobbit.

I haven't figured out prices yet but if anyone is interested feel free to make an offer. I also have many other figures from this series I will be selling so feel free to enquire about others as well.


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