Etheria - New Adventures She-Ra

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Etheria - New Adventures She-Ra

Post by Artistix on Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:18 am

New Adventures She-Ra

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Re: Etheria - New Adventures She-Ra

Post by Xenaphobia on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:38 pm

NA She-Ra definitely wouldn't be my first (or second or third) pick for a She-Ra or Adora variant, but I think the production figure is pretty impressive.

There are a lot of nice sculpted details in the new skirt, bodice and helmet and the shield is pretty cool. I particularly like the use of the original toy-design breast-plate.

I do wish she'd gotten a new face sculpt. I'm tired of that open-mouth/parted-lips face sculpt for She-Ra and Adora.


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