Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Morpher.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Morpher.

Post by Beardmaster on Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:57 am

I bought one of these today from TRU Gepps Cross. Price was $119.00. Overpriced, yes, but unless you get amazing shipping, this is probably equal to prices from overseas.

They appear to be third version releases.


Quoting information given to me:

V1 - You have to hold the button for the sounds/theme song to continue playing. Light pattern is weird.

V2 - Same as the V1, but doesn't have a TRU exclusive sticker and the coins are darker. Coins and morpher may or may not have minuscule size differences.

V3 - Darker coins, new electronics and a better light pattern. You don't have to hold down the button the entire time for the theme song to play.

They also had at least 3 more there in stock as of 9:10am today. Nice solid feel to it, comes with batteries.

It wiped out my toy savings to get it, but I'm very happy.


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