Fuzz's vintage Masters of the Universe collection (with some MOTUC goodness!)

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Fuzz's vintage Masters of the Universe collection (with some MOTUC goodness!)

Post by fuzzcat on Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:11 pm

Hi everyone,

I had to pack this all up this weekend before we move into our new house in a week and a bit, but wanted to share some snaps.  Everything in the cases is complete unless noted - I managed to track down two unbroken chains from Snake Mountain!  It will look the same when we set up at other end (except for MOTUC stuff from other room - not sure how that will work yet...)

On top - Zoar with stand, Castle Greyskull, Point Dread & Talon Fighter, Battle Bones, Slime Pit, Fright Zone, Karatti (NA), Snake Mountain & Screech with stand.

Battle Cat, Teela, Ram Man, Man At Arms, Stratos, He Man, The Sorceress & Orko (missing a couple of parts from his trick)

Attack Trak (missing seat belt), Man E Faces, Road Ripper, Mekanek, Battle Ram

Extendar, Rio Blast, Snout Spout, Clamp Champ, Dragon Walker (in background)

Bashasaurus, Moss Man, Laser Bolt, Stonedar, Rokkon

Roboto, Stridor, Sy-Klone, Fisto, Wind Raider, Buzz-Off

Zodac, Prince Adam, King Randor, Gwildor, Blaster Hawk (in background)

Stilt Stalkers, Thunderpunch He-Man, Jet Sled, Battle Armor He-Man, Megalaser, Flying Fists He-Man, Comet Cat, Tuskor, Cometroid, Ty-Grrr, Astrolion

Zoar (from 200X Sorceress staction), Wun-darr (custom), Granamyr (MOTUC - duh!), She-Ra, Kowl, Bow, Glimmer, Double Trouble

Horde Trooper (x2), Mantenna, Leech, Hordak, Grizzlor, Catra

Mosquitor, Modulok, Mantisaur, Multi-Bot, Dragstor

Monstroid, Buzzsaw Hordak, Hurricane Hordak, Rhinorb, Orbear, Gore-illa, Dinosorb, Crocobite

Tung Lashor, Blast Attack, Kobra Khan, King Hsss, Ssssqueeze, Snake Face, Rattlor

Trap Jaw, Beast Man, Faker, Tri-Klops, Skeletor, Mer Man, Evil-Lyn, Odiphus (from Jitsu 200X staction), Panthor

Night Stalker, Jitsu, Stinkor, Clawful, Whiplash, Webstor, Screech (from Evil-Lyn 200X staction), Land Shark

Ninjor, Scare Glow, Two Bad, Battle Armor Skeletor, Roton, Spikor, Saurod, Blade

Terror Claw Skeletor, Spydor, Dragon Blaster Skeletor

Items that didn't make it in the cases - Fright Fighter and Frosta

There are also a couple of things that weren't photographed - Bionatops and Beam Blaster & Artilleray

So that only leaves me the Laser He-man & Skeletor, a couple of dinosaurs, the giants, the energy zoids, the vintage weapon pak and the accessory sets (scuba attack etc) to get.... oh, and Eternia, you know, the Towers - anyone wanna lend me $20,000 or so? Razz

Here are some random MOTUC I had opened (to remove spare parts to sell, and cut down on 'bulk' to move - it's amazing how much space packaging takes up).  Tucked in there is a custom to be completed - I'm going to have a go at a Gar Cosmic Enforcer, using the magenta armor.

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