What's the best Jor-el , Zod and his minions figures?

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What's the best Jor-el , Zod and his minions figures?

Post by sher1888 on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:20 am

What its says above, I am talking about 6-7 inch figurines?

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Re: What's the best Jor-el , Zod and his minions figures?

Post by Jor-El on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:47 am

As far as I know, the only Jor-El based figures are from Superman Returns and Man of Steel.
 - No 6-7 inch Superman Returns figures (only smaller scale and Hot Toys)
- Man of Steel Movie Masters Russel Crowe Jor-El is your only option.

As for Zod, DC Direct/Collectibles made comic versions of both he and Ursa that aren't bad (artic isn't great and they have a slight pre-pose):

Otherwise, again, it's Man of Steel Movie Masters. There are 4 versions of Zod:

No beard in black suit (also with minion Faora:

Same as above but in shackles:

What appears to be the most popular: bearded in armour

And finally, the SDCC exclusive double pack with the armoured version's head on black suited body (obviously not yet released):

The other Zod minion available is Movie Masters is Faora:

The Movie Masters may get released here. Likely in TRU if anywhere, but will probably be $30 (as per The Dark Knight Rises and Green Lantern Movie Masters previously).

If you've got patience, Amazon is a great method to get them as they sell them direct for US$16 and shipping is very reasonable. Unfortunately you have to be quick when they do appear as they sell out fast and then you're left with 3rd party sellers who jack up the prices.
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