Lego Tie Fighter - Score!

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Lego Tie Fighter - Score!

Post by Pixo on Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:10 pm

Went into Myer Melbourne last Monday to check their Easter stock. Found it in Lvl 3 - which is the same floor as their toy department.

Buoyed by my recent completion of last year's Lego X-Wing, I wandered over and was mooning over the Lego Tie Fighter. Picked one up to check the price. $39.95!!

Put it back thinking, "That's a jolly good price where there is no Sale on."

Walked away, then walked back. Didn't seem right. Picked up the next Tie Fighter box; $99.95. Picked up the first box and found it had a "Geonoshian Cannon" set sticker on it. Felt a bit guilty - not too much as could simply be my toy karma - and took it up to the counter, figuring they'll pick it up and it was worth a try.

No, the sales assistant scanned it and I'm the happy owner of this set. I DID need one to follow my X-Wing. Joins my Millenium Falcon, and Slave I. Looking forward to the Republic Gunship this Xmas.


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