Series 3 Marvel LEgends 2012 at TRU

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Series 3 Marvel LEgends 2012 at TRU

Post by Grimr on Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:28 pm

Hi All,

Was at an SA TRU and saw series 3 ML 2012 series 3.

Ofcourse Deadpools were gone, but rest were present...and they looked AWESOME!!!!

Scanned up at $25 (assume $24.99), bet there will be weak distribution again on these, one case per store, Pretty weak Hasbro.

The guys who know me, know not gonna yank yer chain, but if I am please place all flames on Sam, he has a good self esteem, he can take it.

Glad I have mine on the way from BBTS, the Punisher was beautiful, all the ones there looked great, would have grabbed if there was price error again.


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Re: Series 3 Marvel LEgends 2012 at TRU

Post by fishmilkshake on Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:39 am

The Punisher is indeed a great looking figure. I'll end up painting his boots and belt to bring him a little closer to the Tim Bradstreet vision. The biggest disappointment for me is the Iron Man figure. Nicely done with the metallic paints but he's ridiculously tiny. I can't believe Mystique is taller than him.

And yeah, my Toys Rnt Us only got one case too.

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