Bunch of Trades and collections for sale

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Bunch of Trades and collections for sale

Post by simmo on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:51 am

Hey all,

I'm about to list some trades up on ebay but anyone here can have first crack at them. More to come shortly.

Up for grabs are:

Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vols 1-3
Daredevil Love's Labor Lost
Daredevil Typhoid Mary
Fables vols 1-16
Fables Cinderella TPB
Fables 1001 nights of snowfall tpb
Jack of Fables trades (entire run)
Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol 1
Avengers Forever hardcover
Stephen King's The Stand first 3 volumes hardcover
Dark Knight Returns
V for Vendetta
Neil Gaiman Eternals Hardcover
Jack Kirby Eternals Omnibus

Got some more but can't remember off teh top of my head, I'll update tonight.
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