Online stores and international shipping

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Online stores and international shipping

Post by updatedude on Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:11 pm

Hello all. Well, first off, I'm not Australian. From Malaysia actually.

I was wondering if you guys might be so kind as to help me out with some info.

See, shipping from the US to Malaysia is a tad high. So I was thinking that maybe I can get better prices by importing from Australia. Now I know there's a sticky in this forum with a list of Aussie online stores, but which online store do most of you use?

I've been checking out the stores in the sticky, but I'm having trouble finding the relevant shipping info. Can you guys suggest a store which will let you check the estimated shipping before checkout? Something like the system used by BBTS, which lets non-members check the shipping rate (I normally order by proxy through a friend with a credit card you see).

Sadly, the reason for this is that I'm a Doctor Who fan. Alas, the good Doctor is not particularly well known in these parts. So while my local hobby shops will have stuff like NECA's Player Select and Hot Toys and stuff like that, the ability to say, buy an army of tiny lego-ey Daleks is out of the question here.

Thanks lots.


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