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Post by awe on Wed Jul 27, 2011 1:44 pm

Not really a "Figure Find" per se. More of an area report.

Got shipped to Estonia for work and expected to see some different product here at least. It is dry as all hell with respect to figures.

No Marvel Universe whatsoever. There are some 3.75" Spider-man and Star Wars and that is it. I also noted that they are not exactly cheaper either ranging from between €15-€20. 1 euro is currently getting about 1.33 aussie dollars.

Even Lego, which I expected to be everywhere given how close Estonia is to Denmark, is lacking. They mostly have City and Ninjago. No Kingdoms (or Castle) which I was hoping to see (its not even in the Lego Jan-May 2011 catalog they had lying around). Maybe they've got so many actual medieval buildings around its passé? *shrug*

I think I can stop complaining about the Australian scene now. At least we get some occasional love.



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