Wanted - older DCUC

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Wanted - older DCUC

Post by fuzzcat on Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:18 pm

Yo yo,

I've decided to swap out some DC figures from my collection - DC Direct for DCUC. I'd prefer MOC but would talk loose - after the following:

Red Tornado (series 1)
Captain Atom (series 4)
The Flash (series 7)
Green Arrow (series 9)

I have cash and the following for trade (loose unless noted, individual figures come with their accessories):

DCUC Black Manta (on card, CnC part removed)
DCUC The Atom (on card, CnC part removed)
DCD Tomar Re
DCD John Stewart (1st)
DCD Guy Gardner (1st, JLI costume)
DCD Eclipso
DCD Captain Atom (S/B: Public Enemies)
DCD Green Arrow (Hard Travelling Heroes)
DCD Starman (Jack Knight)
DCD Zatanna (1st, in top hat)
DCD Darkseid (on card, S/B Return of Supergirl series - base loose in packaging)
DCD Black Lightning (on card, Justice League of America series 1)
DCD Animal Man (on card, from 52 series 1)
DCD Cheetah
DCD Amazo
DCD Martian Manhunter (1st)
DCD Raven
DCD Black Adam (1st)
DCD Star Sapphire (1st - silver age)
ML Elektra (series 4)
SMC Hobgoblin (1st series - with removable hood)
Stargate Atlantis Commander Sam Carter

I'm also interested if anyone's local comic/collectable store or toy clearance centre may have any of the four figures listed - happy to pay costs and postage for them.

Thanks dudes!

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Re: Wanted - older DCUC

Post by Mahzian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:24 pm

you have new text message Smile
/\ Giant Trunk Between Legs

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