When did it dawn on you???

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When did it dawn on you???

Post by Aussie.Mike on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:39 pm

When did it dawn on you that you're a collector? How did you feel about it, where did it start?

For me, it didn't actually dawn on me until I was 22 which is actually funny because I had been an avid collector of EVERYTHING all my life and hadn't realised.
It started as a very young child as far back as I can remember, and I have no idea of the stimuli that caused it.

I think the first sign was the fact that I NEVER played with my toys. He-Man figures specifically.
I placed them neatly in dioramas like works of art that were not to be touched.
Then toy cars which were placed in collectors racks sorted my type/make/model/colour/year.
Then movie posters, tapes, videos, TMNT's and anything else I could find..
After that came basketball cards, then Marvel and other comic based cards that were placed in protective selves.
At the same time I started collecting comics than were placed in protective selves also.
Then scalpels which evolved to a collection of knives and swords plus I had a fascination with crystals which I was also collecting.
At this point I started attempting to collect skills and I started learning everything from HTML to hypnosis to dog training.
Plus I had a passion for old Nazi war gear which ended up too expensive to pursuit.
It all progressed to Spawn/Hellboy/Dragons/Horror movie memorabilia, and most expensively....... my Gym equipment + Camera and Guitar gear.

Now somehow through all of this, I never actually realised I was collecting until a friend pointed it out. Shocked
It had never dawned on my, collecting was just a large part of who I am so I had never attempted to "label" it.
Once they did point it out to me though, I have to admit I was actually shocked I never noticed.
Either way, I LOVE collecting things, it brings me a joy I can't explain. I love you

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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by Dabigfella on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:19 pm

Ive always collected, mainly toys, but I'd love to keep every motorbike I get but we'll see if dollars allow that....
Mr Motu

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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by Xenaphobia on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:01 pm

Hmmmmm. Probably when I was around 23 or 24 years old.

I'd always LOVED action figures as a kid, but once I hit 13 or so, my parents started to vocally challenge any action figure purchases I made with my pocket money and eventually I stopped purchasing them. I still remember fondly staring at the Superman collection based on the "Death and Life of Superman" story-arc in the comics and wanting to buy them all, but I didn't.

Then once I had a part-time job and my money was truly my own, I purchased the odd action figure, but "in secret" and I generally just opened them, then stuck them in a box in the closet.

Once I hit 23/24, I decided I would just indulge myself. I think one of the first things I purchased was a mega-lot of the 200X MOTU figures off Ebay. Then I grabbed a collection of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer figures and I started to collect Marvel Legends when they were available in Australia. It got a bit out of control for a while, but I'm pretty strict with my purchases these days (mainly because there's nothing worth collecting in Australia).

I don't plan to stop collecting, but I do find I'm moving more and more into higher end collectables, like the "Toy Story Collection" and less pure action figures.



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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by the dirty digger on Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:11 am

When I was 6 and I realised that my large pile of Richie Rich and Casper comics was pretty cool.
the dirty digger
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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by Octane on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:12 am

Somewhere between the age of 9-11 probably closer to the later age.

My parents started me off young on Stamps at like 5-6. Which for the most part was reasonable hard to begin with because I grew up in a very small town in central Vic) So it was basicly relying on parents, Granparents, cousins mail for the stamps. I use to be a mail whore asking anyone for old envelopes.

My larger passion of Space Lego probably started when I was 9 was fed by Birthdays and Christmas and any Aluminium Can Collecting I did. I kept instructions and there boxes (Which for back in the 70, early 80 was unheard of) Man thas one thing I still love today 30 years on some good space lego.

There where several other things that fed my collection obsession which where fairly easily obtained and could be swapped with kids at my tiny primrary school of only 30 kid or on weekend at Footy games or Cricket matches. Cereal toys (Australia during the 70's was the best place for cerial toys), Weeties Cards, White Knight Cards with the occasional packet of Skanlen Cards or Panini Stickers thrown in.

The thing that totally blew my mind wide open was my grandfather went on a world trip when I was 11 and had stop overs in the USA, Japan and UK and brought us back stuff from all over the world. (Including Diaclone robots) Which opened my closed mind that there was more available to what I could have possible have access to I just had to did a lot deaper.

Thinking back to that period of time I think parents as well as location had a big factor on what you collected. My cousin who lived about 3 miles from me had the hughest butload of Evil Knievel toys, while friends about 10 miles away had Megos. For the life of me I might have revieved one Evil Knieval Toys and no Mego growing up. (Maybe it was a small town conspiricy which made you have to go to your friends place to play with there toys. Which usually ment walking or riding a bike or horse at least an hour.


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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by Artistix on Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:12 am

I wasn't into action figures as a kid.

My dad bought me a train set at some stage which I loved. He would often buy houses, buildings, people, vehicles & stuff for it. I still have most of it, though the train died...a long time ago.

My older brother had MOTU, but he didn't have any of the girls. Somewhat ironically, I didn't understand situations that only involved men! Seemed boring. Who would get kidnapped? what about the big chick fight at the end?? Laughing

Much to my sisters annoyance & my dads embarrassment, I turned to Barbie dolls. They were attractive blondes & they were the same size as my Inspector Gadget doll. But if you think they sat around having tea parties...you'd be wrong. It was usually secret agent crap, murder mysteries & all that. I recall that fake blood ruining more than a few dolls.

Ofcourse mum & dad tried to steer me away from dolls, but when I was about 7 I cried for a month until they bought me Flight Time Barbie.

Poor mum & dad. Laughing

I got a bit older & didn't play with toys much anymore, but I would still check out the action figure isles & look for toy lines that featured a good amount of guys & girls. I finally found this in 1993 (age 12) with the Star Trek Next Generation figures from Playmates. I didn't know anything of Trek at the time, but loved the good human resemblances & wide array of characters. I made $10 a week cleaning. I would head straight down to Big W & grab a Star Trek figure.

I don't remember the next several years after that but I guess it just snowballed!

I have about 3000 figures in my collection. Around 600 of which are female. I love all my figures, but the girls do hold a special place in my heart.
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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by Sledge Hammer! on Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:56 am

Yeah I never really put a name on it, but I've always collected something, right from my earliest memories. Vintage Atari 2600 games, vintage motu, Star Wars figures, gen1 transformers, 80's G.I. Joes and marvel's G.I. Joe comics (when I could find them), those were the major collection fodders of my childhood years.

Then as I got older and it was music cassette tapes, commodore 64 games, then a bit later, movies on VHS. Stephen King and Clive Barker novels. Sci-Fi on vhs, and sci-fi merchandise, like Star Trek, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf and so on.

A bit later it was Sega Megadrive games. And music CD's replaced my tapes.

Then for the first time since I was a kid I ventured back into comics, via graphic novels, then singles as well. PS1 games rolled onto the scene not long after as well. And then I was on holiday in Melbourne and saw the first series of Movie Maniacs in a store window, and down that path I went...my first figures since I was a kid. Then other movie and horror based figures came along, primarily from McFarlane, then later by Neca and occasionally others, along with genre tv stuff like Art Asylum's Star Trek and Moore's Buffy line, as well as comic based figures, primarily DC Direct, which stretched out over the next several years.

Then we come into the major 'replacement phase'. DVD's replaced my VHS collecting at the end of the 90's. Xbox replaced my PS1.

Higher end collectibles and statues gradually took the place of action figures. There had been a notable slump in the figure market, both quality and selection wise, particularly in regards to movie and horror based figs that were my 'bread and butter', and the quality and selection just wasn't knocking my socks off any longer, so I pretty much just stopped buying, except on rare occasions, which seemed to be getting rare and rarer. I had been getting more and more tempted by certain statues over the past couple of years too, but my major fear was breakage during delivery, so never bit. Until one day I saw a piece that was a must have, and for a good price, and I just took the plunge. It arrived unbroken, and down that slippery slide I then did go. I still fear breakage, but it just doesn't stop me any more... Laughing

Xbox 360 eventually replaced standard Xbox. Then MOTUC started up and there I am collecting action figures again. Full circle in a way.

And that's pretty much where I am today, DVD's, Xbox 360, higher end collectibles and statues. Some comics, the odd book, and a few very select action figure purchases (mostly just MOTUC and select character figures such as The Joker that really grab my interest). Collector for life...

Sledge Hammer!
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Re: When did it dawn on you???

Post by The Dr Of Style on Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:30 pm

I definately got started round yr 7 after meeting Simmo and he got me into comics. it was probably then when I started spending my money on comics and in timezone rather than on lollies and in timezone. Before that only had a random collection of figures, years before had almost a full set of WWF cards but that's about it. Collected comics on and off ever since 21 odd years. recently I've started cleaning out stuff and have dropped from about 2500 comics to much less. I've basically got every issue of Punisher/war journal/war zone etc and full runs of Powers & 100 bullets..... most of my other stuff I'll probably clear out. Figures started with the odd Marvel Legend but hit full swing when SOTA Streetfighters came out, easily my favourite franchise. MOTUC is filling a hole I feel I missed out on when I was younger.....once it stops I'm not sure what else will catch my eye if anything.....I'd probably buy any streetfighter/mortal kombat figures if they were released in good quality........ I still daily wrestle with continuing to buy comics....the completist wants to keep going, the father/income earner tells me to stop immediately. I've a decent collection of ps2 & 3 games & dvd's but I only ever keep games that are classics anything else goes on ebay once I'm done and I'll only ever buy dvds that I feel the same way about.
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Re: When did it dawn on you???

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