Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

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Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Post by bowspearer on Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:51 am

Ok this one is probably that obscure that I need to give some background on it.

In 1987, Landmark Entertainment and Mattel toys got together for an interesting little project. The show was written by J.Michael Stracynski of Babylon 5 fame and was kind of a mix between Terminator and Centurions.

Set in the mid 22nd century, the world had developed to the point where it had completely changed over to using machines to wage all wars in designated combat zones. Only one day, the machines on one side escalated a conflict to a civilian area, which in turn resulted in retaliation from the other side's machine army and mankind found themelves on the verge of extinction.

In a desperate last ditch effort, the UN commissioned 2 of the world's greatest minds at the time, Stuart Gordon Power and Lyman Taggert, to build Overmind, a supercomputer designed to override the machines and shut them down completely.

Only Taggert, who was impatient to end the war, merged himself with Overmind. While Overmind was successfully able to gain control of the machines, the unthinkable happened, Overmind now contiinued their campaign of extermination, this time in a very deliberate fashion. Furthermore, Taggert was changed into a Cyborg known as Lord Dread who sought to make all of mankind mechanical in line with his new belief that human perfecton came from the merging of human consciousness with mechanical bodies, and began Project New Order, which was designed to convert the world and all its inhabitants into what he perceived as a mechanical paradise. e formed Dread youth, an organisation similar to Hitler Youth, and began hunting down the last remnants of society.

When a resistance formed to directly counter Lord Dread and his dread troopers, robotic soldiers, proved ineffective in fighting them, Lord Dread and overmind created the Bio Dreads, which were not only capable of regeneration, making them nearly indestructible, but of something far more terrifying which would advance project new order. Biodreads could "digitise" a person, disassembling them and converting them to a digital pattern, and then uploading them into Overmind's memory banks.

At the same time, Stuart Power began working on another project, the "power suits" which when activated, not only made the user impervious to digitisation, but also encased the wearer in a suit of armed power armour, specific to the wearers abilities.

However before they could be tested, Jonathon Power, Stuart's son, was captured by Lord Dread and Stuart died while allowing his son to escape. The story takes place 15 years after this.

The story was incredibly dark and tended to be aimed more at adults, while the toy line allowed kids to participate too. This was because most of the vehicles and playsets of the first series of toys interacted with the show.

The way it worked was that the beam weapons fired by characters on the screen and some parts of the bio dreads and dread troopers had parts of them coloured in a deep fluro red. Some weapon blasts were also a deep shade of fluro yellow. These colours were resigned to register with a light meter on the toys, which would also register light from a lightgun built into them which could be fired at the screen, and which was linked to a counter on the toys. If the counter on the toys reached zero, the pilot cockpit would eject, or in the case of the base, panels would "explode" off it.

Sadly between the left and right sides of politics, the show was that hammered in the US that it only lasted once a season. Alos the production costs per episode were believed to be around $1,000,000USD at the time, which also contributed to it.

The show hasn't seen a release yet on DVD but a few torrents of it exist online. Also some of the toys are quite common on eBay, while others are damn near impossible to find.

I currently have all but 1 of the figures sealed and just under half of all the vehicles ever released, sealed (including doubles of one of the playsets and 2 of the sealed figures that I'm trying to offload and break even on, if anyone's interested).

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